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Dr Das is an established media commentator

Dr Das on a Crime Documentary – BBC1

Radio 4 Interview

Alan Rusbridger talks to consultant forensic psychiatrist Dr Sohom Das about his experiences of assessing and rehabilitating mentally ill offenders.

radio 4

Racism & The Criminal Justice System

Today’s guest is Dr Sohom Das. Sohom is a Consultant Forensice Psychiatrist working in prisons and criminal courts. He’s also an author. Initially Sohom was going to talk to us about psychiatry and mental health in more general terms.

Dr Das in GQ Magazine

Dr Das, consultant forensic psychiatrist, gives us a unique perspective on how mental health can be related to violence.

Huffington Post blog

Dr Sohom Das a Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist. He has worked in psychiatry for over 15 years in a variety of settings. He now mainly works within the Criminal Justice System (in criminal courts in London and across several prisons), assessing and treating mentally ill offenders, as well as undertaking civil court medico-legal cases.

Daily Mail Online article

Criminal psychiatrist who assesses mentally ill offenders reveals how he can tell when patients are FAKING it to get shorter sentences – while people who are genuinely ill don’t even recognise their own symptoms

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