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Dr Das is a Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist who assesses and rehabilitates mentally ill offenders.

Dr Das is a Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist who assesses and rehabilitates mentally ill offenders. He is an international media commentator, who has been interviewed on Radio 4, has appeared as a guest on Matthew Wright’s radio show, has written for GQ magazine and has had articles published in foreign newspapers. He also regularly blogs about mental health issues for the Huffington Post.

Dr Das qualified as a doctor in 2003 from Edinburgh University Medial School. Before fully committing to psychiatry as a career, he worked in Accident and Emergency for a year, did a year’s training to be a surgeon and also a stint as an Intensive Care Unit doctor.


Dr Das drifted into psychiatry when he was offered a job on a mental health unit, whilst gallivanting around Australia. To his surprise, he found that he had a knack for talking to the patients and making them feel at ease, whilst taking care to not come across as robotic, clinical or formal. He soon developed a fascination with the field; not only analysing psychotic symptoms (such as hearing voices and delusional beliefs), but more importantly the personal lives and the backgrounds of the patients; something that is done far more intimately than other fields of medicine.

After working and training in several different sub-specialties of mental health, Dr Das then gravitated towards forensic psychiatry, the study of mentally ill offenders. This was partly related to his natural interest towards criminality (he loves gangster films and his guilty pleasure is 90’s gangsta rap). He also recognised the hidden honour in treating people who are doubly stigmatised in society; for their offending and for their mentally illness.

Dr Das dodged post-graduate exams as long as he could and then became a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists in 2011. He has worked as a Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist since 2013, within the NHS and the independent sector. In this role, he has worked in a large female prison, in medium-secure and low-secure locked forensic psychiatric units and as a Clinical Director of housing association. Currently, he works in two NHS Court Diversion schemes in criminal courts in London. He is also CEO of his own medico-legal practice, Sigma Delta Psychiatry Expertise; he regularly undertakes medico-legal assessments, in numerous prisons across the country and gives evidence in court as a psychiatric expert witness. He also takes on Civil Court cases, dealing with psychiatric illnesses that have developed after a range of traumatic experiences, from medical negligence to sexual assault.


Outside of medicine, Dr Das has indulged in a wide range of eclectic hobbies. This includes competitive poker, performing stand-up comedy, and even battle rapping on TV game-shows! He has been balancing this with occasional raving and festivals (and the recovery time required afterwards) as well as time with his wife and two kids (same). 

One of Dr Das’ passions is writing. Disillusioned by misinformation about mental illness and the stigma attached to it, Dr Das started a blog for the Huffington Post many years ago. More recently, he has become increasingly involved in other forms of media work.

Dr Das has also recently started writing fiction. He has had seven of his short stories published within the first year of writing as well as some competition success. He is currently working on his debut novel; about the experience of a psychotic young woman who is detained in a medium-secure forensic psychiatry unit, after committing a horrendous offence.

Radio 4 Interview

Alan Rusbridger talks to consultant forensic psychiatrist Dr Sohom Das about his experiences of assessing and rehabilitating mentally ill offenders.

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