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Expert Forensic Psychiatrist, YouTube channel host and Established Media Commentator

Dr Das can provide a range of material, from brief sound-bites and thoughts, to in-depth opinion pieces on most issues related to mental health, criminality and the overlap of these areas.

He specialises in forensic psychiatry (the overlap of mental illness and criminality). However, Dr Das has also had training in numerous other sub-specialties within psychiatry and also regularly gives evidence as a psychiatrist expert witness in civil cases and for the coroner’s court. He therefore also has ample experience in, and is confident to talk about, a plethora of presentations, topics and diagnoses related to mental health.

Dr Das has experience in a wide range of media, from radio to TV to being a regular guest on numerous podcasts, from comedy to true crime, including ‘Insane in the Men’s Brain’ and ‘Riddle Me This’. He has also made media appearances on radio and television programmes for Radio 4, the Matthew Wright radio show on Talk Radio, the upcoming series of Murder Mystery and my Family on BBC One and a new Channel 5 documentary on Broadmoor Hospital.

Dr Das has written articles for Cosmo Online and GQ Magazine. He previously wrote a blog for The Huffington Post blog, which covers a range of topics related to his work and mental health in general, including the difficulties of working as a psychiatrist in the prison environment as well as the side-effects of antidepressants and how they work.

He has even done several dozen stand-up gigs!

Dr Das is a Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist who assesses and rehabilitates mentally ill offenders.

He is an international media commentator, who has been interviewed on Radio 4, has appeared as a guest on Matthew Wright’s radio show, has written for GQ magazine and has had articles published in foreign newspapers. He also regularly blogs about mental health issues for the Huffington Post.

YouTube channel host

Dr Das hosts a YouTube channel, named ‘A Psych for Sore Minds’, and posts at least 2 programmes every week. He dissects a variety of mental health issues and offers his own professional opinions.

Some episodes are related to offending, such as diagnosing and working with psychopaths, prisoners faking mental illness and his personal analysis of high-profile mentally ill criminals (such as the Yorkshire Ripper). Other videos address more common psychiatric issues, such as exploring individual diagnoses, the process of being sectioned, life on a psychiatric unit, interviewing a variety of guests about their experience of mental illness and answering viewers’ questions.

Dr Das youtube

Radio 4 Interview

Alan Rusbridger talks to consultant forensic psychiatrist Dr Sohom Das about his experiences of assessing and rehabilitating mentally ill offenders.

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