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Expert Forensic Psychiatrist and Established Media Commentator

Dr Das can provide a range of material, from brief sound-bites and thoughts, to in-depth opinion pieces on most issues related to mental health

He specialises in forensic psychiatry (the overlap of mental illness and criminality). However, Dr Das has also had training in numerous other sub-specialties within psychiatry and also regularly gives evidence as a psychiatrist expert witness in civil cases and for the coroner’s court. He therefore also has ample experience in, and is confident to talk about, a plethora of presentations, topics and diagnoses related to mental health.

Dr Das has experience in a wide range of media, from radio to TV to regular blogging. His many published articles have covered multiple diverse topics, from how the stigma of mental illness is perpetuated by some media portrayals, to the difference between personality disorders and mental illness.
Dr Das also has experience as a formal media consultant, having been involved in documentaries related to mental health and crime.

Dr Das is a Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist who assesses and rehabilitates mentally ill offenders.

He is an international media commentator, who has been interviewed on Radio 4, has appeared as a guest on Matthew Wright’s radio show, has written for GQ magazine and has had articles published in foreign newspapers. He also regularly blogs about mental health issues for the Huffington Post.

Radio 4 Interview

Alan Rusbridger talks to consultant forensic psychiatrist Dr Sohom Das about his experiences of assessing and rehabilitating mentally ill offenders.

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